Create truly meaningful goals

January was all about clearing the way, de-cluttering and making space to really think. This month is about using that space to get in touch with what we really want to achieve, have and be this year. Simplifying life in this way will help you be clear about and focussed on achieving the goals that really matter to you.

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

When did you last do a learning needs analysis?

What is a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) and when/why do you need one?

There are a few terms in our business that lend so much mystery and specialness to what is in effect the very simple business of developing people, ‘doing an LNA’ is one of them! It’s really simple when you break it down, though and conducting a Learning Needs Analysis is the start point to any effective learning and development strategy.

Put simply, a LNA is a way of
a) identifying the skills and knowledge needed to meet your business goals and
b) identifying any gaps in that knowledge or skill set that the people in your business might have. A LNA aims to answer three questions:
1. What does your business need?
2. What can your people do?
3. Where are the gaps?

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

What do you really want in 2016?

It’s been quite instructive to note how often people either don’t know or have not articulated to themselves what they truly want in any given situation. We don’t promise that we can always get what our clients want (and sometime it might not be good for anyone if we could!) but we do think it is worth getting clarity on what you want and why. At least from that position you can think rationally about the outcomes you want to achieve, whether these make sense overall and the steps to get there. If we know what we want, then we can be clear and specific in going after it.

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

Why don’t the best individuals always make the best team?

Have you ever noticed that a group composed of highly intelligent or talented individuals doesn’t always produce the high results you might expect of such a team?

Think about it: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger individually gave us such immortal cinematic icons as Rocky, Conan the Barbarian, Rambo and John McClane, and some massive films such as Armageddon, The Terminator, The Sixth Sense, Predator, Cliffhanger and True Lies. Yet, collectively they gave us The Expendables. “The what?” we hear you asking. Exactly!

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

Where procrastination comes from

There’s no doubt about it: for so many of us, procrastination wreaks havoc in our lives. It’s one of the biggest motivating factors behind the enquiries that we receive about our time management training here at Cerulean, and when you look at the damage that it can wreak, it’s no wonder. No one wants to procrastinate, and yet, it inevitably happens time and time again. How can you finally break the spell?

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

Latest leadership news

Here is some great current thinking around how to improve leadership skills and
positively influence those around you…

Great rather than good leadership means bringing people together, informing and coordinating effort and common purpose, enabling and empowering people to share your vision and be motivated to persevere to achieve common goals.

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

Love your job!

What we need to think about is attitude and expectations – it is all about how to approach your job to maximise your job satisfaction. Being happy and productive in your job is really important as it has a knock on effect on your outlook on life in general.

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago