Bite-size Learning

Organisations are facing unprecedented pressure at the moment, and it would be easy to put learning and development to the bottom of the to-list.  However, research shows that taking time out for training, even in short bursts, can boost productivity, skills, motivation and morale, as well as strengthening goodwill towards your organisation.

We have created Bite-size Learning – training sessions that bring you access to vital learning in just 90 minutes, sharing expertise and skills development in manageable portions. We can deliver these online or in person, to suit your budget and logistics; we can arrange everything for you – from joining instructions and registration to feedback forms and follow up resources. 

You can invite as many people as you want and we will make sure we deliver a fun, energising and informative session to help participants discover new things, develop skills, and identify ways to apply their learning meaningfully. If you are working towards an inclusive leadership goal, many of our Bite-size sessions can be used to help you meet it – contact us to learn how to build a set of sessions to create your inclusive leadership programme.

Take a look at our range of Bite-size Learning sessions below.


Getting the most out of your team is vital to your organisation’s success. Our range of sessions will help you learn how to communicate with different personality types, deal with difficult behaviour and resolve conflicts at work, maintain the best possible working relationships with your clients and customers, and create a positive engaged culture. 

Personal Effectiveness

These sessions cover a variety of topics, including how to work smarter and get organised so you are working as effectively as possible, how to manage your response to stress and build resilience, how to harness your enthusiasm and motivation, boost your confidence and emotional intelligence at work to improve relationships and performance. 

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

How can you create a more inclusive workplace? These sessions cover many topics, including the power of unconscious bias at work and why it matters, raising awareness of important issues regarding race, gender and disability awareness, as well as bystander intervention training, bullying and harassment, and developing understanding of the complexities of the Equality Act, religious expression and philosophical beliefs.