We are your Learning & Development Department. We specialise in designing and delivering learning events, training, training consultancy and one-to-one coaching, helping organisations become more effective by offering learning for managers and staff, delivered by our team of highly qualified consultants.

How can we help? We create each learning product for your organisation with the specific aim of meeting your objectives, and we work hard to deliver development opportunities that will make a difference from Day 1.

We offer learning opportunities centred around leadership, personal effectiveness and inclusion. We specialise in the leadership and EDI&B (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging) agendas and everything we share with participants has its basis in the latest research and thinking.

We are experienced in delivering both classroom and live online sessions, together with e-learning and other interactive materials, which gives us easy access to a blended learning approach.

We focus on providing learning opportunities to: 

  • help individuals and teams to fulfil their potential, increase productivity and deliver the best service
  • inspire and model confident and effective leadership at all levels of your organisation
  • prepare your leaders to guide their people through change and difficult times
  • help you create a truly inclusive workplace, offering general and specialist training in diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, race awareness, bullying and harassment, and mental health awareness
  • encourage the sharing of good practice
  • increase emotional intelligence through self-awareness and understanding of human behaviour

We are experienced in delivering live online sessions and e-learning across all our workshops and courses and our blended learning approach combines instructor-led and e-learning elements.

We can help you with the following:

Bespoke e-learning:

  • Design & Development
  • Cross-Platform Delivery
  • Conception to Completion
  • Legacy Course Conversion

Learning design: 

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Content Research
  • Script Writing
  • Instructional Design
  • Template Development

Everyone in the Cerulean team has held a number of senior line management and operational roles in a range of well-respected organisations. We believe this experience is invaluable for the different insights we have gained into what organisations really need when buying training.

Who are we?

Cerulean Ltd was set up by our director, Lesley Aitcheson. We are a team of experienced learning and development consultants, psychologists and coaches. We have all had day jobs as senior managers in household name corporate environments. This helps us keep your training relevant and grounded and we work hard to tailor learning to the needs of your business.

We are trained and licensed to conduct and analyse a number of diagnostic and assessment tools including debriefing and report writing.

We focus on:

  • Leadership and management development programmes
  • Personal impact and effectiveness training
  • Executive education and coaching
  • Organisational development
  • Diversity and inclusion events and consultancy
  • Outplacement programmes to support organisations undergoing change and restructure

We have provided all aspects of the talent and learning cycle from diagnostics, assessment and training needs analysis through to delivery, feedback and evaluation. We have run large departments and projects, including budget and people management responsibility and we are confident in providing training design, delivery and facilitation. Our clients include well-known and well-regarded organisations, in the finance, travel, film, health and education industries.

We have a strong sense of purpose when it comes to our training and we role model the behaviours we want to encourage in our learning – for example:

  • We work with bright, vibrant organisations with a passion for what they do
  • We avoid Death by PowerPoint – when we use slides, we keep them relevant, and more importantly, our learning events are interactive and engaging
  • We believe in people – no matter what role an employee holds within an organisation, everyone has a key contribution to make; we’ll help people understand the value and importance of their role
  • People enjoy what we do – our feedback proves it
  • We’ll bring lasting change and change for good – no ‘sheep-dip’ training or ‘smile programmes’
  • We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients based on integrity, professionalism and value