Bite-size Learning

It’s a classic response – when times are hard, the training budget is squeezed. And when everyone has to focus on the operation, there’s little time to make sure they get training as well. However, there is lots of research to show that taking time out for training, even in short bursts, can boost skills, motivation and morale, as well as strengthening goodwill towards your organisation.

So, Cerulean has created Bite-size Learning – training sessions where we bring the learning to you in your lunch hour (or any other time that suits you), and share expertise in manageable portions for only £995 + VAT.

We do everything for you – marketing, joining instructions, promotional animated PowerPoint show, feedback forms and even free sweet treats when we are able to join you in a physical space!

Ask your learners to bring their own lunch, organise it yourself or ask Cerulean to bring it with us – then let us do the rest. You can invite as many people as you want and we will make sure we deliver a fun, energising and informative session to help participants discover new things, develop skills, and identify ways to apply their learning meaningfully.

Disability Awareness

This workshop explains more about the different types of disabilities you may encounter or experience, how disabilities can impact on people’s work, and how to create a more inclusive workplace.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Disability Awareness

Gender Awareness

This session helps raise awareness and strengthen confidence in dealing with issues around the adverse effects of gender-based harassment. Participants will explore the nature of gender, developing a deeper sense of its nature, role, and manifestations in society.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Gender Awareness

Race Awareness

This session is targeted at supporting participants to work positively in a racially diverse environment. We will consider a number of questions, aim to discover new things and leave with a personal plan to ensure that racism stops with each one of us.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Race Awareness

Employee engagement – 7 steps to trust

Employee engagement is a crucial component of business success and a barometer of staff commitment and connection.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Employee engagement – 7 steps to trust

Dealing with difficult behaviour at work

This session looks at the behaviours that make people difficult to work with and offers ideas on how to improve challenging working relationships.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Dealing with difficult behaviour at work 

Communicating with different personality types

This session is designed to teach people how to identify, understand and appreciate different personality types, to help us build better working relationships and communicate more effectively.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Communicating with different personality types

Top of the Pops

How do you get the best out of any team and how do make sure it is performing at its best, resolving any conflicts confidently as you go?

Cerulean Bite-size Learning  – Top of the Pops

Just a Minute!

We all know that we can manage our time better and our take on ‘time management’ will be exploring how to work smarter and get organised so that you are working as effectively as possible.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Just a Minute!

Stress Bust

We all have an innate response to stress, but we learn how to both accept and manage our responses to reduce stress and get control of our health and wellbeing.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Stress Bust

What’s Your Driving Force?

What motivates people varies widely from individual to individual; learn how to harness your enthusiasm and get the best from yourself and others.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – What’s Your Driving Force?

All for One and One for All

Understanding diversity is no longer a nice-to-do but a must-do; treating everyone with dignity and respect is good for people and business.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – All for One and One for All

Working in Partnership with Clients

This bite-size learning session will help you ensure you are creating and maintain the best possible working relationships with your clients and customers – including negotiating and relationship management.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Customer for Life

When the Going gets Tough…

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity – a key resource for coping with stressful work situations and we provide the tools to help.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – When the Going gets Tough

What’s your Bottom Line?

Can you demonstrate an awareness of how your organisation operates at a strategic level and how your work contributes to this? Find out more on our bite-size learning session.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – What’s Your Bottom Line?

Confidence at Work

Ever found yourself saying yes to unreasonable requests? Struggling to express disagreement or discontent? If you are assertive, you can express yourself, your views, thoughts and feelings in an open and non-confrontational way – we show you how.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Confidence at Work

More than IQ

We will show you what emotional intelligence is and how, by understanding ourselves better, we can better understand others and thereby improve relationships and performance at work.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – More than IQ

Power of Unconscious Bias

You don’t know what you don’t know – a look at the power of unconscious bias at work. We introduce you to the concept & help you understand how people are not as logical as they would like to think. We look at Unconscious Bias in the workplace and why it really matters.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Power of Unconscious Bias