It’s natural to think of  staff training and development as the first thing to cut when budgets inevitably tighten in response to the recession. However, the research from the last recession shows that developing people is vital in tough economic times. After all, it is competent, capable and skilled managers who will help lead your organisation through change.  

Providing training for your people ensures:

  • They will gain the necessary skills to help steer the organisation through the downturn. Whether it’s a refresher for seasoned managers or brand-new training for more junior people, leadership and management training will prepare your people to navigate the downturn, working smarter, with greater efficiency and more resilience.
  • Morale will be lower during a recession – headcount freezes and other measures pile on the pressure and can make people fearful for their jobs. However, continuing with training sends a message that the organisation is investing in its future and creating opportunities for its staff, which always improves morale, even in tough times.

Whether you operate in the public, private or third sector, you will be providing a service, and the people leading and delivering that service need skills development to support them in doing so – and crucially, once the downturn is over, you will be ready to flourish, having invested  the time developing your staff.

These tough times will inevitably end – how will you prepare for the future? What is your vision for your organization and how do you plan to support it this with learning and development for your leaders, managers and staff?

At Cerulean, we focus on providing learning opportunities to: 

  • help people and teams to fulfil their potential, increase productivity and deliver the best service
  • inspire and model confident and effective leadership at all levels of your organisation
  • prepare your leaders to guide their people through change and challenging times
  • help you create a truly inclusive workplace, offering general and specialist training in diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, race awareness, bullying and harassment, and mental health awareness
  • encourage the sharing of good practice
  • increase emotional intelligence through self-awareness and understanding of human behaviour

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