Spot the monsters in your office this Halloween!

Not long now – Halloween is only a short time away and if we have young people in our lives, they might be turning their thoughts to scary parties, a frightening amount of sweet eating and of course, creepy costumes! There are so many to choose from – ghosts, vampires, witches, monsters, devils, zombies… And it’s the same for their parents, although our costumes tend to be invisible to the naked eye. So to help keep you safe this autumn, we’ve re-issued our handy Cerulean Guide to Halloween Characters at Work monsters-article

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

Ooops! – where did I leave my IQ?

With all the attention that EQ has been drawing, it’s easy to forget that intelligence, general and specific, is likely to be the thing that enables you to get through the door of your organisation, at least initially. It’s your entry ticket, so to speak and we think it’s time to focus on IQ once more. This month, we will be writing about a number of aspects of IQ and inviting you to get curious about yours! Can you increase it? Can you use your intelligence differently? What does it mean to be ‘clever’?

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

What do you really want in 2016?

It’s been quite instructive to note how often people either don’t know or have not articulated to themselves what they truly want in any given situation. We don’t promise that we can always get what our clients want (and sometime it might not be good for anyone if we could!) but we do think it is worth getting clarity on what you want and why. At least from that position you can think rationally about the outcomes you want to achieve, whether these make sense overall and the steps to get there. If we know what we want, then we can be clear and specific in going after it.

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

Why don’t the best individuals always make the best team?

Have you ever noticed that a group composed of highly intelligent or talented individuals doesn’t always produce the high results you might expect of such a team?

Think about it: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger individually gave us such immortal cinematic icons as Rocky, Conan the Barbarian, Rambo and John McClane, and some massive films such as Armageddon, The Terminator, The Sixth Sense, Predator, Cliffhanger and True Lies. Yet, collectively they gave us The Expendables. “The what?” we hear you asking. Exactly!

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago

Do we train mission controllers? No, but we know about Apollo syndrome!

Well we can cover most topics with one of our Learning Lunches, but we will probably draw the line at training people for space missions!

Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall has announced that it is hosting a training course for future space mission controllers so we will leave them to it! However, whilst we won’t be training mission controllers, we can tell you about Apollo Syndrome.

This term, coined by Dr Meredith Belbin, is used to describe a team of highly able individuals who collectively perform at less than optimum levels. Whilst these individuals might have high levels of competence and ability, something happens when they form a team.

by Lesley Aitcheson, ago