Over 50 years ago, the ‘Bystander Effect’ was coined by psychologists to describe the tendency of people to feel less responsible for taking action or helping if faced with wrongdoing when there are other people present.

We were delighted to discover this article from the Harvard Business Review, which reflects on the factors that prevent people from speaking out at work, and offers steps for employers to take to combat the Bystander Effect and to address a potentially toxic culture.

At Cerulean, we also offer a bite-sized learning session, Bystander Intervention: Combating the Bystander Effect, which can help you consider your options when you witness bullying, harassing or abusive behaviour, as well as sharing tips and techniques for intervening appropriately. Sessions are delivered by our experienced facilitators; working with real-life workplace issues, we engage and inspire you through our practical and experiential learning. We make sure you go back to work with insights, skills and tips you can apply immediately.

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