Every year, on September 8th, the world comes together to celebrate International Literacy Day. This day serves as a reminder of the profound impact that literacy has on individuals and societies at large, and we’ll be celebrating the event by sharing reading lists, volunteering to help young readers, and supporting our local libraries.  

Why are we supporting this special day? One reason is that beyond the ability to read and write, literacy holds the key to a more inclusive and equitable world, because it affords people the opportunity to engage fully in society. When people are literate, they are able to access information, education, and employment opportunities. Literacy further empowers people to command resources, communicate effectively, share ideas, and help create the inclusion everyone deserves.

Literacy can also act as a catalyst for personal growth, enhancing self-esteem and enabling lifelong learning. When people can read, write, and learn, they can continually build on, and develop, their skills – and adapt in a rapidly changing world. 

In today’s digital age, literacy extends beyond traditional reading and writing. Digital literacy, which encompasses the ability to navigate technology and critically assess online information, is essential for full participation in the modern world. As much of our communication, education, and work occur online, digital literacy is a vital component of inclusion.

As we celebrate International Literacy Day, we’re remembering that literacy is more than just reading and writing – it’s a bridge to inclusion, empowerment, and social progress. By promoting literacy for all, we are taking a significant step toward creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, contribute, and be a part of a truly inclusive society.