How can you create a more inclusive workplace? These sessions cover many topics, including the power of unconscious bias at work and why it matters, raising awareness of important issues regarding race, gender and disability awareness, as well as bystander intervention training, bullying and harassment, and developing understanding of the complexities of the Equality Act, religious expression and philosophical beliefs. 

Bystander Intervention Training

This workshop helps people consider their options when they witness bullying, harassing or abusive behaviour, and we share tips and techniques for intervening promptly.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Bystander Intervention Training

Equality Act, Religious Expression & Philosophical Beliefs

This workshop revisits the legislation and guidance and provides time for participants to explore and discuss the complexities and nuances of real-life case studies and realistic practice examples.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Equality Act, Religious Expression & Philosophical Beliefs

Bullying & Harassment Awareness

This workshop identifies the range of behaviours that meet the test for bullying and harassment and suggests practical actions to address it.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Bullying & Harassment Awareness

Disability Awareness

This workshop explains more about the different types of disabilities you may encounter or experience, how disabilities can impact on people’s work, and how to create a more inclusive workplace.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Disability Awareness

Gender Awareness

This session helps raise awareness and strengthen confidence in dealing with issues around the adverse effects of gender-based harassment. Participants will explore the nature of gender, developing a deeper sense of its nature, role, and manifestations in society.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Gender Awareness

Race Awareness

This session is targeted at supporting participants to work positively in a racially diverse environment. We will consider a number of questions, aim to discover new things and leave with a personal plan to ensure that racism stops with each one of us.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Race Awareness

All for One and One for All

Understanding diversity is no longer a nice-to-do but a must-do; treating everyone with dignity and respect is good for people and business.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – All for One and One for All

Unconscious Bias at Work

You don’t know what you don’t know – a look at the power of unconscious bias at work. We introduce you to the concept and help you understand how people are not as logical as they would like to think. We look at unconscious bias in the workplace and why it really matters.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Unconscious Bias at Work