Disability Awareness

This workshop explains more about the different types of disabilities you may encounter or experience, how disabilities can impact on people’s work, and how to create a more inclusive workplace.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Disability Awareness

Gender Awareness

This session helps raise awareness and strengthen confidence in dealing with issues around the adverse effects of gender-based harassment. Participants will explore the nature of gender, developing a deeper sense of its nature, role, and manifestations in society.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Gender Awareness

Race Awareness

This session is targeted at supporting participants to work positively in a racially diverse environment. We will consider a number of questions, aim to discover new things and leave with a personal plan to ensure that racism stops with each one of us.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Race Awareness

All for One and One for All

Understanding diversity is no longer a nice-to-do but a must-do; treating everyone with dignity and respect is good for people and business.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – All for One and One for All

Power of Unconscious Bias

You don’t know what you don’t know – a look at the power of unconscious bias at work. We introduce you to the concept & help you understand how people are not as logical as they would like to think. We look at Unconscious Bias in the workplace and why it really matters.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Power of Unconscious Bias