Business Workshops & Masterclasses

These events have become a staple for our clients’ training provision and help them improve effectiveness on an ongoing basis. We work hard to align the learning we design with your business goals.  We will look at your company’s mission statement, values and goals to ensure that your objectives are met and your people are supported in the best way possible to deliver to your strategic vision.

We have a strong sense of purpose when it comes to our training and we role model the behaviours we want to encourage in our learning; for example –

  • We work with bright, vibrant organisations with a passion for what they do
  • We avoid Death by PowerPoint – when we use slides, we keep them relevant, but more importantly, our learning events are interactive and engaging
  • We believe in people – no matter what role an employee holds within an organisation, everyone has a key contribution to make; we’ll help people understand the value and importance of their role
  • People enjoy what we do – our feedback proves it
  • We’ll bring lasting change and change for good – no ‘sheep-dip’ training or ‘smile programmes’
  • We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients based on integrity, professionalism and value
What do our workshops cover?

Our workshops broadly cover anything to do with business effectiveness and personal development. They can take the form of open courses, bespoke training or off the shelf packages and past programmes have included, for example:

  • Presenting with confidence
  • Managing complex HR issues
  • Managing effectively
  • Negotiating and influencing at work
  • Managing stress at work
  • Managing bullying & harassment
  • Mental health at work
  • Dealing with sexual harassment
  • Leadership skills
Before the training…

We do our best to prepare your participants for up-coming training by sending them pre-workshop reading, activities and questionnaires.  We are on-hand to answer any questions and help people make the most of the learning event.

Following up

We believe in on-going learning, so we offer lots of ways for the development to continue. These include:

  • E Memos: these are short sharp prompts and reminders of good practice, hints and tips to keep your learning fresh
  • Action Postcards: on our courses, you can complete self-addressed cards with your action reminders and we will send these out to you at an agreed time
  • Online Evaluation Questionnaire: we measure the impact of your training and report back so you can see the value for yourself
  • Monthly Newsletter: packed with information, hints and tips to keep learning alive