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Our Training

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Leadership Training

Managers should be first and foremost leaders, and so we aim to inspire and model confident and effective leadership at all levels of your organisation. We prepare your leaders to develop and encourage talent amongst their team, and guide their staff through change and difficult times. We also focus on your leaders as individuals, developing their ability not only to manage people, but to take on greater individual responsibilities.

This is achieved through exploring the varying leadership styles that can be employed in management and the workplace to make your company as effective as possible.

As with all of our workshops and programmes, each event is tailored to your business to ensure a targeted development of leadership skills.

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“I have worked with Cerulean and Lesley for a number of years now; they have designed and delivered two management development courses and various other courses such as a Train the Trainer course and a Stress Management briefing.

The level of expertise Lesley and her team bring to any course they design and deliver is second to none; they are attentive to the needs of the business and have a willingness to really understand what is happening in the company which adds real value to the learners and brings return on investment for the organisation.”

Sally McNeill, ZF Services UK – Training and Organisational Development Manager

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Management Training

Our workshops are tailored to management on two fronts, developing our clients’ ability to not only manage their staff, but to manage the wider issues of the workplace, such as stress, bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, mental health and HR issues.

We achieve this aim by designing and delivering training, consultancy, facilitation and one-to-one coaching to your requirements, and each event is custom-created specifically for your organisation in order to develop your precise management needs. Every member of our team of trainers has not only had backgrounds in psychology or education, but has also worked as senior managers themselves, with a keen sense for developing leaders for your business. Because of this influence, at Cerulean our focus is not on ‘away days’, but on helping your managers become as efficient and effective as possible in their daily working environments.

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Business Training

The main goal of training should be to make your staff, and by extension your business, as effective as possible. By developing our clients’ management skills, we aim to ensure that every facet of your company works efficiently to achieve your objectives.

Our training aids managers and staff to make sound commercial decisions. This is why each of our workshops and programmes is developed specifically for your business so that the skills your managers and staff learn and develop contribute directly to the work that they conduct on your behalf. Our flexibility and refusal to follow a pre-packaged training programme not only develops business skills in your organisation, but makes commercial sense, as we consult to find out what your business needs, and research amongst your staff through the use of focus groups, simple on-line questionnaires and desk research to minimise the impact on your day-to-day operation. With this data, we can design anything from a one-day workshop to a fully-fledged programme depending on your needs.

Each of our trainers at Cerulean has experience as senior managers and we all understand the importance of efficiency and profitability, as every business should be about just that – the business.

“We have used Cerulean, formerly LJA, for a number of years to facilitate training and away days.  We recently held a departmental away day at CIM’s Moor Hall for approximately 25 people.  Lesley Aitcheson co-ordinated this event from preparation meetings through to delivery and the occasion in August was a complete success in terms of achieving agreed objectives as well as making every participant feel involved and connected every step of the way.  Feedback from delegates could not have been more fulsome in their praise for how Lesley made the experience insightful, challenging and, most importantly, fun.  Many thanks Lesley, you have made my job much easier with your help in setting the scene for the next twelve months.”

Jane Endersby, Catalyst Housing


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It’s a classic response – when times are hard the training budget is squeezed. And when it’s all hands to the pump, there’s not much time to take people off day-to-day operation to get training, even if you could afford it…

So, Cerulean have created Learning Lunches (or Business Breakfasts, or Training Teas!) – literally bite-sized training sessions where we bring the learning to you in your lunch hour (or any other time that suits you).

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