2017 – Keeping Life Simple

A new year inevitably brings a flurry of articles, posts and tweets about a ‘new you’ or ways to ‘detoxify’ your mind or body, but we know that change does not inevitably follow just because you read an article! We might have the desire to make changes, but not the...

January 2017 – Clear the clutter (again!)

It’s usual to begin a new year by setting ambitious goals for the twelve months ahead, but we are suggesting a very simple start to a simpler life – make a start by de-cluttering. The idea of tidying our lives and ridding ourselves of physical and mental clutter, is...

Christmas dreams – an early present for you

This month we have an early Christmas present for you - a resource we've been working on to help you make the most of any Christmas break you might have coming up and to prepare you for a bright and sparkly New Year.  Sleep is an essential component for our...

Spot the monsters in your office this Halloween!

Not long now – Halloween is only a short time away and if we have young people in our lives, they might be turning their thoughts to scary parties, a frightening amount of sweet eating and of course, creepy costumes! There are so many to choose from – ghosts, vampires, witches, monsters, devils, zombies… And it’s the same for their parents, although our costumes tend to be invisible to the naked eye. So to help keep you safe this autumn, we’ve re-issued our handy Cerulean Guide to Halloween Characters at Work monsters-article

When did you last do a learning needs analysis?

What is a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) and when/why do you need one?

There are a few terms in our business that lend so much mystery and specialness to what is in effect the very simple business of developing people, ‘doing an LNA’ is one of them! It’s really simple when you break it down, though and conducting a Learning Needs Analysis is the start point to any effective learning and development strategy.

Put simply, a LNA is a way of
a) identifying the skills and knowledge needed to meet your business goals and
b) identifying any gaps in that knowledge or skill set that the people in your business might have. A LNA aims to answer three questions:
1. What does your business need?
2. What can your people do?
3. Where are the gaps?

What to do when your brain shuts down!

Have you ever had the experience of completely ‘losing it’ whether it’s your temper or your capacity to think clearly? Well you might have been in the grip of an amygdala hijack!  First coined by Danial Goleman, in his book  the term gives an explanation for what might be happening to us when our brain shuts down.

Ooops! – where did I leave my IQ?

With all the attention that EQ has been drawing, it’s easy to forget that intelligence, general and specific, is likely to be the thing that enables you to get through the door of your organisation, at least initially. It’s your entry ticket, so to speak and we think it’s time to focus on IQ once more. This month, we will be writing about a number of aspects of IQ and inviting you to get curious about yours! Can you increase it? Can you use your intelligence differently? What does it mean to be ‘clever’?

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