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Feel the love at work this Valentine’s day!

So, St. Valentine’s Day approaches and we are turning our thoughts to love – not just love of learning, but love of our jobs and working relationships too!

Why does this matter? Well it’s unlikely that we will love our jobs and working relationships every minute of every day, but for those that find something to love, or even like about work, find work-life balance easier to achieve and have more meaning and purpose in their lives.

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Create truly meaningful goals

January was all about clearing the way, de-cluttering and making space to really think. This month is about using that space to get in touch with what we really want to achieve, have and be this year. Simplifying life in this way will help you be clear about and focussed on achieving the goals that really matter to you.

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2017 – Keeping Life Simple

A new year inevitably brings a flurry of articles, posts and tweets about a ‘new you’ or ways to ‘detoxify’ your mind or body, but we know that change does not inevitably follow just because you read an article! We might have the desire to make changes, but not the...

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We believe that "Doing Good is Good for Business"

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