Why is unconscious bias the hottest issue in workplaces right now? Well, it’s becoming increasingly evident that we are not as rational as we might like to think when making decisions about people, whether in recruitment, performance appraisals or promotion.

Bias is inevitable and ever-present. Big businesses are now becoming aware of the high cost to productivity of unconscious bias. Raising awareness of the ways in which we are influenced without our conscious knowledge gives us greater control in creating a more inclusive environment and managing our unconscious biases, which in turn leads to greater productivity and (dare we say it?) happiness!

What is unconscious bias?
‘Unconscious bias refers to the biases we have of which we are not in conscious control. These biases occur automatically, triggered by our brain making quick judgements and assessments of people and situations based on our background, cultural environment and our experiences.’ (King’s College London)

Unconscious bias influences key decisions in the workplace and research suggests is responsible for some of the inequalities that are evident in our modern society today.

Why invest in unconscious bias training
By definition we will always be subject to our unconscious biases – we are, after all, products of our own sets of cultural values, hidden beliefs, environment and background. But by bringing awareness of this to the table, your people can understand where they are coming from and how their decisions may be affected.

An example of a benefit of increased awareness of the impact of unconscious bias could be in the implementation of standardised recruitment interview processes applied to all candidates. Removing all names and personal details from CVs of potential applicants at the first stage of the recruitment selection process, followed by introduction of standardised questions are effective methods: such simple steps can have a powerful effect in reducing the impact of unconscious bias in decision-making.

What is unconscious bias training?
Unconscious bias training is intended to raise awareness of unconscious bias and how it impacts our decisions and actions – typically such training will also seek to provide practical tools to assist in reducing the impact of unconscious bias.

We provide affordable unconscious bias training and offer the following:

Theories and concepts of unconscious bias – where has this come from and what do the leading thinkers in this field have to say
Different types of unconscious bias and examples from the real world
How to check on your own unconscious bias and address it

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