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Differences between what is said and what is actually delivered is ‘very simple and very lethal’- in personal relationships and even more so in professional circumstances. Closing this ‘Promise Gap’ must become an obsession for any business hoping to regain trust and commercial success, and more importantly, as a way of creating your own ‘Unique Value’.

‘The organisations that are succeeding today, and which will succeed in the future, are the ones which focus on under-promising and over-delivering’. It is not about perfection, because- be honest- in business and in life perfection does not exist. Instead, valuing your staff, valuing your consumers, showing ‘respect, recognition, good value and honesty’ creates one-to-one relationships that will be ‘the dominant factor determining success in the post-recession era’. Your Unique Value will not be found by focusing on the best profit for the business, or pay package for the employee, or price for the consumer, but on these ever evolving corporate relationships that ‘are just as deep and take as much work as the ones in your personal life’.

If your entire enterprise focuses on protecting, nourishing, re-evaluating and maintaining these relationships Hochman believes that together you will create ‘Unique Value’- and a ‘Value for Life’.

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