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Hochman believes that, in part, the recent recession was a ‘crisis of bureaucracy’. Distance between the decision maker and responsibility of the action, lack of accountability, confusion over which of the many faceless cogs in the wheel could or should or would be blamed. Yet conferring a sense of individual responsibility and alignment with a ‘Common Purpose’ provides employees with the ‘polar opposite of bureaucracy- empowerment’.

How empowered do you colleagues feel right now? Do they have a firm understanding of what the company stands for- and how aligned are their ethics and purpose with that?

Likewise, when interviewing, how much are your decisions swayed by their intelligence rather than their passion for what you stand for?

There is an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to become a magnet for the vast pool of talent left in the wake of the recession, and once found, true talent is ‘as precious as oil’. Look after them, confer responsibility. Encourage ideas. Get rid of the inhibiting bureaucracy of old and give them ‘freedom.. to communicate, collaborate and participate’. Check in with them through Corporate Awareness Programmes. Think about ‘your internal social networks and what the people who work with you are for you are saying’. The best people rarely stay because of the pay package and unless you evaluate and cherish the best they too, like your consumers, can easily walk away. ‘Like any other revolution, success will depend on the commitment, solidarity , sheer drive and consistent actions of the people who work with you and for you’ and it is up to you all to ‘bring about the necessary changes to survive in the post recession era.’

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