Is the life of you and your staff a constant case of ‘so much to do, so little time to do it?’ We know the feeling! That’s why, here at Cerulean, we’ve come up with Learning Lunches – although Business Breakfasts or Training Teas works just as well! Much more important than their name is what these training sessions offer.

As you might have guessed, these lunches are all about making sure you don’t skimp on crucial training. It’s understandable that you may not even be able to think about organising training when everyone in the team is horrendously busy. But with Cerulean, it really is the case that you don’t have to, as we do all of the work. We can even bring lunch if necessary. All that you have to do is pick your desired lunchtime session.

Perhaps you’d like a session that focuses on how to respond to stress, for instance, including how it can be identified and managed? Or perhaps you would like your staff to gain a better understanding of what motivates them, and how the motivation can be harnessed to get the best results out of them? Or what about a quick session on confidence at work, covering how you can assert yourself in an open and non-confrontational way?

Those are just some of the topics that we are delighted to have delivered among our Learning Lunches. We can also offer a refresher course on the finer points of commercial awareness, emotional intelligence, the power of unconscious bias, understanding diversity or resolving conflicts in your team?

Of equal importance to the actual subjects of our Learning Lunches, however, are the efforts that we go to in ensuring that they are so thoroughly worthwhile for you and your team. We keenly price these bite-size training sessions and can deliver them at any time that suits you, not just during the lunch hour. We’ll do all of the marketing, joining instructions and feedback forms as well.

Most importantly of all, however, our Learning Lunches are seriously energising and informative sessions that get consistently rave reviews from attendees. What more reason could there be to enquire about a Learning Lunch or two from Cerulean today?