Remember when you and your job first met?

It was new, it was exciting, wasn’t it? It uplifted you, gave you a sense of pride, of worth, of being part of something bigger than yourself. And then there were all those wonderful late nights of wild sacks (of work that you would take home – in an effort to make a good impression!). It meant for a tired morning – but, hey, it was totally worth it and wasn’t anything a double espresso couldn’t fix!

But then we become comfortable. Even the most solid and loving long term relationships flirt around the edges of complacency, and we often start to take for granted what we have.

Can you fall back in love with your job and recapture that spark with our 4 top relationship tips?


1. Don’t stop dating

Remember when you first arrived at your new job and you would go out for lunch with the group, or go for a quick drink after work? Don’t let that fall by the wayside after you’ve been there for awhile. It’s great for bonding and getting to know colleagues on a personal level, letting off steam, it can give your work mojo and enthusiasm a reboot, and it expands your network of people on whom you can call for help in the office.

Set yourself some targets of organising a group lunch out each month, or having coffee with one new person whom you’d like to get to know better each week.


2. Remind yourself of what you first fell in love with

When we see something or do something day in, day out, we tend to stop seeing it after awhile. It becomes part of the background of daily life – even if it’s something we love! Lovely buttery, chocolate chip cookies are massively popular in the LJA office and are right up there with our collective favourite things – but we save them only for our monthly team meeting to keep the shine on them!

Obviously, just going to work once a month is not really an option though – so instead, take yourself back to when you first started working where you do. What was it you loved? What got you excited? Even if it’s not work related but something small, or silly – an unexpectedly nice bathroom, a particular view out of a particular window, the barrista at the nearby cafe who gets your coffee just right –  remember what it is, and start consciously noticing it again.


love3. Always fight fair

Disagreements, differences of opinion and personality clashes are an unavoidable part of working life. However, if you approach such differences in a constructive way, these disagreements can be a very positive and even necessary feature of your relationships at work.

There are three kinds of arguments in love as well as at work: the kind where you are having the same old argument you always have (usually about perceived unfairness), the kind where one or both of you gets a full-on character assassination or the kind where you argue it out, but you understand each other better and things improve.  Which kind happen at your work?  What do you want to do about it?


4. Change the scenery

There’s a reason why away days and team building days are held away from the office – a new environment can stimulate creativity, new ways of thinking and new attitudes to the people around you and the work you do.

See if you can take team meetings outside the usual boardroom. If it’s a sunny day, why not have your meeting outside on a nearby patch of grass? Or you could suggest the team have a group lunch, and hold your meeting at the restaurant before the lunch. If you’re not chained to your desk, see if you can take your laptop to a communal area at your office, or even your favourite cafe one morning.