What exactly is micro learning? Another buzz word or something that might make a difference to your work place? In this brief email we help you understand the benefits of micro learning to help you decide if it’s something you would like to include in your learning programme for your staff and colleagues.

Micro learning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. The learners are always in control of what and when they’re learning, so it’s flexible, tailored, relevant and offers an immediate application of knowledge or skill just when it is needed. It could be as simple as watching a TED talk or be more structured and specifically customised for a particular job.

How do you know when it’s Microlearning?

• It’s short – there’s no defined duration, but it’s always ‘quick’ – whatever that means to you!
• It’s purposeful – microlearning focuses on a narrow topic, concept or idea, or even one aspect of a topic
• There’s variety: Microlearning content can be delivered in so many ways – reading, presentations, video clips, games, quizzes, discussion groups, one-to-one coaching – anything that helps people learn

Benefits of micro learning:
• Immediate Results – it’s easy to close a small
• Fits well with other learning opportunities, so it lends itself to easily to blended learning programmes.
• Easier to manage costs – micro learning is very budget friendly and can be free
• Quick results – people see immediate benefits from a short learning intervention they can apply straight away

Any downsides? Well there is the potential for confusion if too many topics are introduced to quickly, plus there is little concrete research which measures the benefits. Many of our clients also say they are already doing this although they might not have been calling it micro learning! We think the trick is to plan more consciously to include micro learning as part of the regular offering and see what difference it makes.