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We ran a little experiment at Cerulean Towers last week – we listened out for how often people used the word ‘stupid’, either about themselves or others. We counted quite a few examples and we also noticed the tally increased significantly when the debate was around the US presidential race and the upcoming UK referendum! This got us thinking about the interplay between IQ and EQ.

As learning and development specialists, we spend a lot of time talking, writing and teaching about emotional intelligence, sometimes called EQ. Emotional intelligence is a vital quality in any effective leader, including self-awareness, the ability to understand the motivations of others and being able to influence behaviour and outcomes. Research shows that leaders with high levels of EQ can outperform their peers with higher IQs but low emotional intelligence. You can read more about the interplay between the two here when-emotional-reasoning-trumps-iq

We will be thinking about all this and more this month and we are not saying that EQ doesn’t matter anymore. We are much more interested in how lack of EQ will actually reduce your IQ, albeit temporarily and what we can do about it. When we have strong emotions and cannot regulate them, we can IQ points and if this happens at work and others are involved, this can seriously bring down the performance of the team. So if you want to know what to do when you are in the grip of an amygdala hijack (or you want to know what that means!), look out for our blog or sign up for our newsletter. We can’t promised to send your IQ score stratospheric, but we can help you get the best from yourself and others!