A few days ago, we posted some of the latest thinking on leadership and we have a few more thoughts to add:

Do it, write it!
So in other words, don’t just talk about your ideas, turn them into tangible and real action! There
are plenty of people who talk the talk, but the differentiating factor of an effective
leader is someone who doesn’t just talk about it, but acts and gets things done. Be

Look for opportunities everywhere & encourage creativity
Be mindful that there are opportunities to lead everywhere and seek them out. Offer
new challenges to people whilst ensuring there is adequate support in place to empower
them and enable them to achieve the goals they are aspiring to. You will find you are
enabling people to stretch their limits whilst also not being discouraged by barriers to

Be open, inspire & be a positive role model
Be open to other people’s opinions and ideas as well as being open to criticism of your
own plans and actions. A great leader will be willing to embrace other people’s ideas and
criticism in order to develop their own skills. This will provide you with ideas on how to
improve your leadership skills. If you don’t listen to your staff, you are potentially
creating a toxic and hierarchical environment where people don’t feel they have a
voice, and without the input of new ideas, you will find it hard to improve and grow. If
you are a good role model and encourage openness, you will engender positivity and
inspire those around you.

Interact with everyone
As well as accepting feedback and ideas, offer your own:Interact with everyone – give
them your ideas, listen to theirs and you will find you have more to input and more
come backs to you. When you ur thoughts and ideas with your team, you up you have more to gain than to lose. A greatleader will care passionately about the success of the task or project but more
importantly they will care about the progress of their people and will openly value
everyone’s contribution.

Rewards & Recognition
Happy people perform better at work! That may sound obvious, but some simple
strategies for rewarding your staff include listening without distraction, putting your
praise in writing and thanking people openly and publicly for their contributions. And
integrity breeds respect – if you are a leader people feel they can trust and who will
recognise their performance, you will see a corresponding increase in people’s loyalty
and satisfaction.

Listen & communicate effectively
We’ve said it before (and will no doubt keep saying it!) but it is vital to provide the
opportunity for one-on-one communication with your people. Keeping these lines of
communication open and genuinely caring for your staff means you can ensure that
everyone, at all levels, feels able to contribute and be valued for their input.