So far in February, we have been thinking about love – loving learning and now we’re thinking about how to love your job!

Firstly, it is obviously important to be happy in your job or it will be difficult to love it…

What we need to think about is attitude and expectations – it is all about how to approach your job to maximise your job satisfaction. Being happy and productive in your job is really important as it has a knock on effect on your outlook on life in general.

What type of work do you do?

It is useful to assess if your work is simply ‘a job’ where the compensation is the most important aspect, . Or is your work is ‘a career’ where your status and likelihood to progress and be promoted are the overriding factors contributing to your satisfaction. Or if your work is ‘a passion’ then money, prestige and control will be less important to you – your satisfaction derives from the work per se.

How to build job satisfaction

Bear in mind that this can be broken down further into intrinsic job satisfaction – the kind of work you do and the actual tasks – and extrinsic job satisfaction – the external factors such as compensation, co-workers and other conditions of work.

Whatever type of work you do, once you have worked out which factors you need to have present in your work to feel basically satisfied here are some steps you can then take to maximise your job satisfaction.

A positive attitude – if you are motivated and create construct a positive attitude towards your work and your life outside work, your day will become more constructive and productive.

Plan your time and create a to-do list – this should include middle and long term projects as well as immediate tasks. It is important to build enough time into your every day life to include your long term goals or they will end up falling off your list and never being progressed.

Concentrate on the task in hand – it is much more productive to focus on one task, complete it, tick it off and move on. It is easy to think about all the other things that need doing and then procrastinate about everything without getting anywhere. So focus!

Delegate – this will help you move through your to do list. No-one to delegate to? Can you ask a colleague to help when you are up against I and then return the favour?

Take breaks – even if you feel like the busiest person in the world, it is hugely beneficial (for your brain and body) to have a break from your computer, a quick burst of fresh air, or just a momentary change of scene. It often helps you to regain a fresh perspective too.

Switch off – we know this is also easier said than done, but we all need to relax and enjoy some space from work to create that all important work-life balance.


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