Have you lost your love of learning? It is all too easy in our busy, busy, non-stop, hectic lives to allow/enable that passion for learning to slip.

Here are some ideas on how to regain that passion and rediscover your love for learning and what better date to be talking about love than Valentine’s Day!

Unlearn Useless Learning

As an adult, we all have the capacity to ‘unlearn’ any useless beliefs we may have about ourselves as learners, all that amassed enormous information and knowledge that doesn’t get us anywhere and can actually impede our learning potential.

You can turn your attention to anything you want to learn and have the potential to learn anything you choose, however you wish to learn. So think about learning on terms that will suit you. The love will follow!

Re-educate Your Brain

If you have ever had negative learning experiences, you may benefit from rethinking your beliefs about how we learn. For example, if you were trained to think of exams as the only measure of success, then find out about different learning styles and preferences and which methods might suit you – both your lifestyle and your brain’s style. Life is not all about exams.

Here are a few examples of different learning styles to get you started… remember that individuals are precisely that – individuals – and we all learn best in different ways.

Verbalizers: People who prefer language-based learning.

Visualizers: People who prefer learning with pictures and images.

Analytical: People who prefer to focus in on the details when learning.

Wholistic: People who prefer to look at the big picture when learning.

Lose Negative Emotional Learning Beliefs

It can be all too easy to say – ‘that’s impossible!’ or ‘I’ll never do that!’. Try to understand the limitations these beliefs set and do not allow your beliefs to limit your ability to learn. Acknowledging and then putting aside negative thoughts can really impact our ability to deal with them positive and move on.

Encourage Your Curiosity

Think of the refreshingly endless curiosity of children –

‘Why are lions lions? Why aren’t lions ants?’ (as said by a child on a disastrous Safari Trip in Reginald Perrin).

‘Curiouser and curiouser’ Alice famously said on her adventures down the rabbit hole (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll).

Albert Einstein neatly summarised like this: ‘The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.’

As adults we sometimes need to consciously re-engage with that boundless child-like curiosity. Have a look at the links below for more ideas on how to understand your learning style and rediscover your curiosity and love for learning.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from us all at Cerulean!


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