Today our blog is inspired by our colleagues at Work Wise Wellness. In their usual creative style, they have come up with a fun way to help us all focus on the importance of enhancing our wellbeing. We know that people sometimes wrinkle their noses at the idea of wellbeing in the workplace, but this is not a soft and fluffy nice-to-do. We think it’s imperative to ensuring we are fit to do our best work without being depleted or burnt out.

What is well-being?

• The ability to feel and express a range of feelings whilst living and working productively
• Ability to respond to difficult circumstances
• Feelings of engagement and fulfilment
• Physical agility and energy
• Sense of happiness

When we promote our well-being and that of our colleagues, we help to build our resilience – our ability to bounce back from adversity and challenges. Today’s rapidly changing work arenas present plenty of both adversity and challenge.

Government research* shows that wellbeing tends to be higher when employees have autonomy over how they do their job and a measure of control in relation to the broader organisation, e.g. participation in decision-making, variety in their work; clarity of vision and expectations, good feedback and supportive management.

To underline the importance of wellbeing, Work Wise Wellness have come up with a great competition – you just need to snap yourself in a moment of wellbeing and send in your selfie to see if you can win a prize. We think it’s a fun and fab idea and it’s got everyone at Cerulean Towers competing to snap the best selfie! You can find the details here:WWW_competition_hi_res

Good luck and we wish you a 2016 filled with wellbeing at work!

Worker wellbeing and workplace performance

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills