St. Valentine?  On the eve of his death (he upset Emperor Claudius in 270 AD) he passed his love a note which read “from your Valentine”. And so the tradition was born – Chaucer popularised St. Valentine and in modern times, millions of roses are sold, crazy marriage proposals are made, chocolates are eaten and everybody and everything thinks pink! The moral?  Good ideas endure!

And we are no exception at Cerulean.  Our very name means the colour of the sky, but today, we’ve gone pink to celebrate our love of learning.

Our home page has turned pink; we’ll be tweeting all day (including Valentine’s disasters at work!), posting on Facebook and blogging, plus we have a great competition running today – just tell us what you love about learning to win our special prize.  We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day with lots of learning and fun.

And if you love learning, here are 3 things you can learn in one day to impress your friends and/or make them smile

  • Learn the phonetic alphabet
  • Learn to shuffle cards professionally – you’ll look cool!
  • Learn an algorithm for solving the Rubik’s cube and amaze people with your speed and dexterity – try this one