Here is some great current thinking around how to improve leadership skills and
positively influence those around you…

Great rather than good leadership means bringing people together, informing and coordinating effort and common purpose, enabling and empowering people to share your vision and be motivated to persevere to achieve common goals. It may seem counter-intuitive, but keeping it personal will yield results – workplaces which encourage empowering environments are relationship-based, not transaction-based.
High-quality working relationships are the main reasons why people love their employers; the emphasis should not be solely on corporate benefits or having a ‘cool’ office.

Take responsibility!
As a leader you have to learn to be responsible for both the good things and the bad. We all make mistakes and without them we cannot learn. Thomas Edison once said “I haven’t failed. I’ve identified 10,000 ways this doesn’t work.”

Take risks!
Take yourself out of your comfort zone and take risks. Obviously these need to be calculated, but most leaders will be able to pinpoint a time they took a risk to reap rewards. A great leader will take these risks, stand up and be counted and not be afraid of doing what they believe in. Let us know how you get on!