It’s usual to begin a new year by setting ambitious goals for the twelve months ahead, but we are suggesting a very simple start to a simpler life – make a start by de-cluttering.

The idea of tidying our lives and ridding ourselves of physical and mental clutter, is an old one and revisited constantly by all forms of media. In recent years, research has shown that that stress levels rise when we are struggling to deal with our clutter, whether that’s physical, emotional or mental. So it follows that the less time you spend dealing with your stuff, the more relaxed you will be. A little bit of effort now can set you up to be calmer in years to come.

What would you do with more time and space? Spend time with family? Find the objects you are looking for first time? Be with your partner? Travel? Rest? What about your emotional clutter? We also know that failing to deal with situations and people we find difficult takes up an enormous amount of mental processing, leaving less time and space for thinking clearly and enjoying life. We’ll be thinking more about this one in the March and May blogs.

Whether you choose to declutter your office, your desk, your handbag, your home or your inbox, the clarity and calm which emerges is a great way to start the year. If it doesn’t have some positive purpose in your life, get rid of it! Find simple routines and habits that work for you to make daily life calmer and give you a feeling of control.

If you find it easier, you can identify a different area of your life to work on each week or each month to move towards a simpler and less overwhelming life. We have some ideas here, plus some links to get you started. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, you can think about setting some goals and we have some ideas to help you in our blog next month.

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Get in touch with us ( for more links to useful sites, reading and more.

Happy de-cluttering!

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Pat · January 3, 2017 at 10:10 pm

Thank you for affirming what I know to be a very important activity – clearing the clutter!
Over Christmas I cleared out my wardrobe and my make up. In print that looks pretty meh! but the psychological impact of that is most definitely not meh! Holding up clothes and debating their fate; should they stay or should they go? Make up that I have kept long after it’s finished being hygienic and then slinging it in the bin. Cathartic. It’s helpful if not essential to have clear criteria to help you make the decisions. With clothes I ask myself, do I feel at my best in this top or dress? If the answer is a no – it goes. The other helpful thing is to make sure the discarded garments are helping others in some way so it all goes to charity – it makes it a much more meaningful and painless process – Really?? They’re just clothes for heavens sake!! Kitchen cupboards next methinks!!

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