January 6th

Hit the Ground Running This Year!

Welcome to a brand new year and we hope you had a good break.  It would be nice to think that everyone is bouncing back to work with renewed vigour and a spring in their step, but as we all know by now after numerous attempts, New Year’s Resolutions are not always easy to keep!

What would it mean to you to be able to start the year not only knowing what you want to achieve, but what you are capable of doing to get it!  Setting goals is comparatively easy, but achieving them takes more doing.  You need determination (to get out of bed and start that run), self-control (do you really need to eat that cake?) and the ability to delay gratification (if you finish that report, you can watch a movie) to really succeed.

It’s an old-fashioned concept, self-discipline, but one that business psychologists are very keen on (it’s a big part of emotional intelligence), so we are bringing it back with a modern twist to help you get back on track and stay there this year.  Watch out for our blogs, tweets, newsletters and Facebook announcements to get your hints and tips plus free materials all through 2014.  What will you have changed this time next year?