So, St. Valentine’s Day approaches and we are turning our thoughts to love – not just love of learning, but love of our jobs and working relationships too!

Why does this matter? Well it’s unlikely that we will love our jobs and working relationships every minute of every day, but those that find something to love, or even like about work, find work-life balance easier to achieve and have more meaning and purpose in their lives.

Finding enjoyment in your work is also valuable to your life in other ways, including greatly increasing your productivity and satisfaction.

It is helpful to distinguish between your job and the way you do it. This is important because every job has aspects that will be boring or tedious. Finding ways to tolerate the frustration of this (and even doing the boring bits as well as you can) will make the more pleasant elements even more enjoyable.

And you may discover, as you focus on doing things to the best of your ability, that some elements of your work become more rewarding. Our final point is that workers who emphasise the positive and rewarding aspects of their job are more likely to be valued and rewarded.

So this February, we are inviting you to consider where to find the love, whether in your learning or your work. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter and you can win a glittering Cerulean prize!

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