It’s still easy for many of us to forget the importance of equality and diversity training, particularly if we do not come from minority group. However, it remains important to hold issues of diversity and inclusion firmly in mind. You may feel that you are too focused on your work to treat people differently based on their background, however the latest figures* show that equality and diversity training is as necessary as ever in the 21st century workplace.

The overarching goal of equality and diversity training is to promote equal treatment and mutual respect towards people of various races, abilities, religious beliefs, sexual identities and genders. We are proud, here at Cerulean, to be doing our bit to help the staff of UK organisations to understand the impact that their words, actions and demeanor have on other people in their workplace. We encourage our workshop participants to do everything possible to treat all members of their workforce or community equally.

One thing that has become clear in recent years is that an understanding of diversity is no longer just ‘nice to have’, but is actually very important for business. Businesses where every member of staff is treated with dignity and respect are businesses that thrive in their given sectors, due to the positive and productive relations that result, with those both inside and outside the company.

Our own equality and diversity training here at Cerulean is available as one of our famous Learning Lunches, where your staff can be given training within their lunch hour. We’ll help your key people to build on their current understanding of diversity and the dignified and respectful treatment of everyone in their company. They will learn the basics of current equalities legislation, in addition to being equipped with the skills needed to perpetuate respect for others throughout your workplace. They will also build the confidence to challenge unfair treatment and learn to lead by example.

With Cerulean’s help, we’ll ensure that your organisation provides a more welcoming and equal environment for absolutely everyone who works for you.