Well we can cover most topics with one of our Learning Lunches, but we will probably draw the line at training people for space missions!

Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall has announced that it is hosting a training course for future space mission controllers so we will leave them to it! However, whilst we won’t be training mission controllers, we can tell you about Apollo Syndrome.

This term, coined by Dr Meredith Belbin, is used to describe a team of highly able individuals who collectively perform at less than optimum levels. Whilst these individuals might have high levels of competence and ability, something happens when they form a team.

We know from research that Apollo teams are more likely to argue, engage in daft politics, fight each other to win people over to their point of view and waste time in finding flaws in the arguments of others! Hands up who wants to be in that team? No one here at Cerulean Towers, we promise you!

So the moral of the story is that a team of clever people may not be the most successful team. The antidonte? Strong leadership to work with the strengths and minimise the weaknesses of the team. The team also need encouragement and mentoring to adapt and flex to meet the goals of the overall team.

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