jarHow did the New Years’ Resolutions go?

If they’re already broken, forgotten or never made in the first place, not to worry!

We spotted this fab idea on Facebook, and we like it much better than our strange cultural tradition of setting resolutions that are destined to fail!

The idea they suggest is that you start with an empty jar, and every time something great happens throughout 2013, you write it down on a piece of paper and pop it in the jar – then on New Year’s Eve 2013, you can open it up and remember all the great things that happened!

We love this because so many of us never celebrate our achievements. We accept it as just “doing our job”, or we fear rocking the boat by making a big deal about great things that happen in our lives – and we don’t allow ourselves to feel fabulous about the great things that happen.


Your 2013 Dream Jar

We’re going to take it a bit further and ask: “What message would you like to give yourself a year from now?” You can, of course, keep this to yourself, but if you’d like to join the fun, you can download this and send it to us. We won’t tell anyone else what you’ve said, but we WILL send it back to you at the end of the year!