As we mentioned in our last blog on clearing the clutter, we’ve left it until now to help you create your goals in the hope that you will be less likely to set yourself up for failure!

January is a long month, and we often go all out towards our new changes, lose energy, flag and then fail.

So we’re suggesting doing things the other way around. January was all about clearing the way, de-cluttering and making space to really think. This month is about using that space to get in touch with what we really want to achieve, have and be this year. Simplifying life in this way will help you be clear about and focussed on achieving the goals that really matter to you.

Here are a couple of reminders from our blog last year explaining why resolutions fail but goal setting works – take a look here

and in this one, we showed how to set strong, achievable goals

So if you cleared the clutter in January and want to make it count in this Year of Simple, try setting two or three stretching, but achievable goals to move you closer to your objectives for 2017.

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