It’s that time of year again – the first snow in the north of the country, tinny ‘70’s hits on every radio station, sequins everywhere and yes, that invitation to the office Christmas party.

We are hearing from our clients and suppliers that people are really in the mood to party after the tough year we’ve had, even though the business climate remains difficult, so we thought some quick guidelines on surviving the office party might be timely!

Whilst some of you will be looking forward to the opportunity to glam up and relax with colleagues, we know that others will be cringing in advance as they anticipate their colleagues or (worse!) their boss having one cocktail too many and belting out a Gloria Gaynor number before taking the unofficial award for the worst dancing of the night.   

Here is our top ten for coming out the other side of your office Christmas party intact:

1. Maybe avoid the punch bowl – it’s impossible to know how much you’ve had to drink.  You should probably only attempt multiple glasses of whatever is in there if you know all the words to Roll Out The Barrel

2. This is probably not the night to ask for a promotion or a raise even if you do feel emboldened by your last trip to the punch bowl

3. Only eat what you actually like – not everything  you are offered – you are not being performance managed on this one

4. Work the room – try to speak to everyone and have a plan b for a colleague to rescue you if there’s a chance you’ll be cornered by someone and forced to talk too much shop

5. Be a friend and look out for others – if you see one of your colleagues getting out of control why not get them some snacks or take them some water and perhaps help them find somewhere quiet where they can gather themselves

6. Mistletoe –hopefully not, but if you see any, head in the opposite direction

7. It might be called a ‘party’, however this is a business function – on Monday morning you still have to work with these people.  If you act inappropriately you can guarantee everyone will remember

8. Are your colleagues ready for your impersonation of Noddy Holder?

9. It’s not nice to shout out “cheapskates” if you are given a goody bag or Christmas gift

10. Er..a gentle reminder to keep away from the photocopier. Trust your learning provider on this one

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

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