Yesterday was officially the last day of summer, so this month we’re considering how to maximise happiness and motivation, even if the weather will be cooler and the nights a little bit darker!

It’s more pressing than ever to pay attention to morale in any working environment; research shows that happiness is important not only for our own health and well-being but for the health of the organisation. An unhappy team is unproductive one and whilst no job is perfect, learning how to manage the pitfalls of work can be one of the most vital skills to develop. Even if you are naturally quite optimistic, things like workload, stress and difficult colleagues can all take their toll and lead to a temporary case of the ‘blues’.

When you feel like that, it’s more difficult to get things done and before you know it, your mood spirals downwards and you take everyone with you. So, what can you do flip into a more positive mindset?

• Breathe! A few deep breaths will help you clear the cobwebs and re-energise
• Sit up straight and smile (even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing!)
• Take a brief walk around the block or have a quick coffee with a colleague – a change of scene, however brief, can help
• Identify something positive in your day and tell someone about it, or thank someone unexpectedly – it will make their day and might cheer up yours!
• Help someone who might be struggling too – you will both benefit

Once you’ve got your mojo back, it’s best to focus on those aspects of your job that you do enjoy and develop them as much as you can. The parts of your work that seem monotonous or even tedious can be considered a run-up to more important, and more fulfilling tasks. Finding even small things that you enjoy and building short-term, achievable goals around these responsibilities can really make a positive difference to your working day and leave you with a vital sense of achievement.

Happiness is a vital ingredient in working life, but sometimes it’s hard to achieve. With these tips, you can enhance your experience at work to ensure you get the best from yourself and others.
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