These sessions cover a variety of topics, including how to work smarter and get organised so you are working as effectively as possible, how to manage your response to stress and build resilience, how to harness your enthusiasm and motivation, boost your confidence and emotional intelligence at work to improve relationships and performance. 

Time Management

We all know that we can manage our time better and our take on ‘time management’ will be exploring how to work smarter and get organised, so that you are working as effectively as possible.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Time Management

Stress Bust

We all have an innate response to stress, but we can learn how to both accept and manage our responses to reduce stress and get control of our health and wellbeing.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Stress Bust


What motivates people varies widely from individual to individual; learn how to harness your enthusiasm and get the best from yourself and others.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Motivation


Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity – a key resource for coping with stressful work situations and we provide the tools to help.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Resilience

Confidence at Work

Ever found yourself saying yes to unreasonable requests? Struggling to express disagreement or discontent? If you are assertive, you can express yourself, your views, thoughts and feelings in an open and non-confrontational way – we show you how.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Confidence at Work

Emotional Intelligence

We will show you what emotional intelligence is and how, by understanding ourselves better, we can better understand others and thereby improve relationships and performance at work.

Cerulean Bite-size Learning – Emotional Intelligence