At Cerulean, we write, think and teach a lot about introversion and extroversion and the ways in which these preferences affect our day-to-day lives. We always caution people to watch out for stereo-typing themselves and others. Most people already know that most extroverts aren’t necessarily dancing on the table at the party, just as the introverts aren’t necessarily shy and retiring. Many of us are somewhere on a spectrum and it will vary according to who they are with and what they are doing.

But what if you are a shy introvert? What’s that like? The research is becoming ever more sophisticated as we discover increasing amounts about what makes people tick. A shy introvert draws their energy from others, just like any other extrovert, but there’s a twist. Shy extroverts like hanging out with others but don’t need to be the centre of attention. They like thinking things through with others but don’t need a massive crowd to do so. Here are some more key points about shy extroverts:

-They like approval, but not too much public praise
-They can appear awkward on first meeting, but that’s just because they are wary of new people
-They are great listeners a they don’t grow tired with too much company like introverts
-They can also be great talkers – they are, after all, extroverts
-It’s easy to mistake a shy extrovert for an introvert, but the way to be sure is to check where they get their energy from. Shy extroverts like their own company, but ultimately need to be with people to recharge.

Recognise yourself or a colleague?

We run lots of bespoke training courses at Cerulean which focus on personal preferences and our learners are always amazed at how accurate the diagnostic tools are. Awareness of your own preferences and those of others can prevent a myriad of misunderstandings!