A new year inevitably brings a flurry of articles, posts and tweets about a ‘new you’ or ways to ‘detoxify’ your mind or body, but we know that change does not inevitably follow just because you read an article! We might have the desire to make changes, but not the tools, drive or focus to break old patterns, establish good habits or resist temptation or pressure from others.

So to give us a break from all that New-Year-New-You noise, we have tried to be thoughtful about our blogs and newsletters for 2017 and have (completely arbitrarily and without any authority) designated 2017 the Year of Simple. We’re not the first to think about simplifying life, we know that, but in the crazy time that is the run up to Christmas, we tried a few of the approaches ourselves and found them very helpful.

Life can be hectic, demanding, and complicated. When we are overwhelmed, we are our own worst enemies. Whether the changes we need to make are big or small, we often remain stuck or fearful about moving away from things that are unhelpful to us, perhaps because we don’t know how. That’s a very human reaction, but we can make other choices. We can respond, rather than react.

Finding ways to live more simply can help us achieve more of the things that really matter, as well as re-evaluate our goals. One way to live a simple life is to work out what really matters and focus on that, rather than what is expected or what we don’t have. Easier said than done? Maybe, but we’ve tried to take the hard work out of it for you by bringing you timely snippets of information to help you live more simply and focus on the really important things.

Each month this year, we will bring you insights, things to try and links to the resources we’ve found to help you live life more simply – grab the ones you find helpful and leave the rest for later (or ignore them – we’re keeping it simple) and let us know how you get on.

You can find the link to January’s blog here

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