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Training Admin/Evaluation

Too busy to do your own training admin? Let us do the hard work for you so you can get on with the more strategic areas of your job.  We provide all aspects of training administration, using your branding if required – just tell us what you need.

Training Administration Nitty Gritty

Too busy to do your training admin?  Fear that there’s too much admin to coordinate? Don’t have the time to organise happy sheets and signing in forms?

Don’t worry, let us do the hard work for you so you can get on with other things – just tell us what you need.

Sending out joining instructions and/or reminders? Booking people onto courses/workshops? Liaising with venues? Arranging catering, equipment and room set up? Coordinating feedback and training records? Evaluating the success of a piece of learning?

We can do it all and more, just ask!


Training Evaluation

We offer a clearly defined, consistent and coordinated approach to all our training evaluation.  We will agree our approach and carefully define measurement targets to reflect the benefits of the training we’re providing and look to demonstrate the return on the investment made by your organisation.  Evaluation also helps you measure consistency of application of any practices, policies and procedures and helps identify areas for further improvement.

We can measure the success of larger programmes by initially bench-marking participants’ skills and competency areas using purpose-built on-line questionnaires and then gathering feedback at the end of each module.  We will periodically check learning and progress in the same way.  We can work with line managers, providing templates for them to have meaningful development discussions with their staff.  We can evaluate at monthly, three or six monthly intervals 3 and 6 months intervals to see how people are implementing their training.


For more information about how we can help you out, have a look at how we can be your L&D department.