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Learning Lunches/Business Breakfasts

It’s a classic response – when times are hard the training budget is squeezed. And when it’s all hands to the pump, there’s not much time to take people off day-to-day operation to get training, even if you could afford it…

So, Cerulean have created Learning Lunches (or Business Breakfasts, or Training Teas!) – literally bite-sized training sessions where we bring the learning to you in your lunch hour (or any other time that suits you) and share expertise in manageable portions for only £750 + VAT.

We do everything for you – marketing, joining instructions, promotional animated PowerPoint show, feedback forms and even free sweet treats!

Ask your learners to bring their own lunch, organise it yourself or ask Cerulean to bring it with us then let us do the rest. You can invite as many people as you want and we will make sure we deliver a fun, energising and informative lunchtime session that will have the attendees singing your praises and begging for more.


Top of the Pops

How do you get the best out of any team? What are the issues and/or conflicts and how can you resolve them? What is the best way to work with peoples’ differences instead of letting them become obstacles to reaching your goals?  

Cerulean Learning Lunch Top of the Pops!


Just a Minute!

We all know that we can manage our time better and you might already have some experience of time management practices. This is different; our take on ‘time management’ will be exploring why we don’t do what we know we should – why do we rarely follow the advice we give ourselves?

  Cerulean Learning Lunch Just a Minute!


Stress Bust

We all have an innate response to stress – and, more often than not, there is little we can do to actually change that. What we can do however is learn how to both accept and manage our responses to reduce stress and get control over our responses.

Cerulean Learning Lunch Stress Bust


What’s your Driving Force?

What motivates people varies widely from individual to individual; the key to good team work and management is being able to not only recognise exactly what spurs people on to do their best but also how to best harness their enthusiasm and get the best from yourself and others.
Cerulean Learning Lunch What’s your driving force


One for all and all for one

Understanding diversity is no longer a nice-to-do but a must-do; treating everyone with dignity and respect and ensuring that everyone is able to contribute and be heard is the right thing to do, for both the individual and the business.
Cerulean Learning Lunch All For One & One For All


Customer for Life

The recent economic difficulties have impacted all areas of business and Larry Hochman argues in his latest book ‘The Relationship Revolution’ that it is the consumer who is providing the real challenge to businesses today. We will discuss his findings and use them to show you how you can best deal with the transfer of power from company to customer, how to rebuild consumer trust and confidence, how to keep hold of loyalty and the danger of taking anything for granted.
Cerulean Learning Lunch Customer for Life


When the going gets tough …

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity – a key resource for coping with stressful work situations and tough business/economic circumstances. A key aspect of resilience is accepting that change can create opportunities as well as scary moments; we will show you how you can modify your approach and attitude to change, how to mend or improve tough work relationships and how assertiveness can be a good thing. We’ll also give you some tools that to help with problem solving/creativity, negotiation/persuasion and dealing with pressure. Cerulean Learning Lunch When the going gets tough


What’s your bottom line?

Commercial awareness is less about whether or not you regularly read the FT from cover to cover and more about understanding how your actions impact on the performance of your organisation. Can you demonstrate an awareness of how your organisation operates at a strategic level and how external influences affect the organisation’s progress?

Our learning lunch will equip you with the knowledge to ensure that your decisions have taken account of the external environment and the impact that such changes may have internally. You will leave with a clearer understanding of the very basics of business finance and how this impacts on you, your team and the wider organisation.
Cerulean Learning Lunch What’s your Bottom Line


Confidence @ Work

Ever found yourself saying yes to unreasonable requests? Struggle to express disagreement or discontent? Do you give in to unreasonable demands, simply to keep the peace? Then this learning lunch is for you! If you are assertive, you can express yourself, your views, thoughts and feelings in an open and non-confrontational way. It means saying what’s going on for you without taking away the rights or dignity of another person.
Cerulean Learning Lunch Confidence at Work


More than IQ

We will show you what emotional intelligence is and how, by understanding ourselves better, we can better understand others and thereby improve relationships and performance at work. This introduction to the basics will kick-start your EQ development journey and help you understand the business case for emotional intelligence, recognise the core EQ skills in work life and relationships and focus on specific ways to practice and improve their emotional intelligence.
Cerulean Learning Lunch More than IQ


Power of Unconscious Bias

You don’t know what you don’t know – a look at the power of unconscious bias at work. We  introduce you to the concept & help you understand how people are not as logical as they would like to think.  We look at Unconscious Bias in the workplace and why it really matters.

Unconscious Bias Learning Lunch 2015