360 Inventory

Cerulean’s 360 Inventory

Most people have heard of ‘360 feedback’ as a type of appraisal system but how much do you know about it? Let Cerulean guide you with our fully automated tool that focuses on behaviours to measure the performance of an individual and/or team.

The idea behind a 360 tool is that by assessing yourself and approaching 2 or 3 colleagues, your manager and any direct reports or internal clients to report on your strengths and areas for development, the survey provides the best and widest possible picture of exactly where you can further improve your performance at work. 

We will brief everyone taking the survey and give them a unique link so that they can respond; all feedback will be anonymous unless you specify otherwise and we will track all the responses to ensure we get all the results required. 

Once the survey is complete, we will produce a report and, if required, can do a de-brief with those concerned.  This is often followed up by 1:1 coaching sessions to measure the success of the tool and we can also redo the survey after 6 months to measure progress made.

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Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)

There are a few terms in our business that lend mystery and specialness to what is in effect the very simple business of developing people – conducting a Learning Need Analysis (LNA) is an example of this but it’s the start point to any effective learning and development strategy. Put simply, an LNA is a way of a) identifying the skills and knowledge needed to meet your business goals and b) any gaps in the knowledge and skills of the people in that business staff might have.